adidas Originals SUPERSTAR SS20

Partnered with Johannes Leonardo to create CHANGE IS A TEAM SPORT campaign for the 50th anniversary of Superstar. When creators join together they can drive and inspire change. Jonah Hill directed the kick-off film with a cast that included Pharrell, Nigo, Yara Shahidi, Mark Gonzales, Kerwin Frost, Pogba, Blondey, Tyshawn Jones, and Blackpink. Local markets collaborated further with their teams from the world of music, fashion, art, and sport and their initiatives for change.


As part of the ongoing series of Originals Women’s Designer collaborations, we paired our design partners with creative teams led by women. Here Danielle Cathari and Kendall Jenner create the lookbook and digital teasers for Season FW19 with photographer Pavielle Garcia. Next, Ji Won Choi set design and imagery for her premiere show at London Fashion Week in 2019. Lastly, Olivia Oblanc and filmmaker Leonn Ward document modern dance crews on London streets her FW19 debut.

adidas Originals PRADA x SUPERSTAR

To introduce the first collaboration between Originals and Prada, we created this film with Johannes Leonardo and directors Lernert + Sanders. Playing with scale and sound design to embrace both companies’ love of craft and attention to detail. The limited-edition Superstar and bowling bag sold out in under two hours.

adidas Originals NITE JOGGER SS19

This film series showcased the next generation of artists who create their best work late at night. It was commissioned for the global launch of the reflective Nite Jogger shoe. An open collaboration between photographer and filmmaker Frank Lebon and his choice of creators: NY rapper Wikiset, London musician Obongjayar and Tokyo poet Cai Oglesby. Filmed in each city with words and music by the respective artists.

adidas Originals FORUM 

We developed this game with London agency RNA to tease the relaunch of Forum. Touchpoints to include, campaign landing pages and retail activation environments. Identity and packaging for initial limited seeding across North America. It included the original Forum press release from 1985 as tissue paper.